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Photo: The US army sent their highest officer to Estonia. General Martin Demspey arrived on Sunday. Author: (Siim Teder/Benjamin Siirak/Estonian Defense Forces)

Last week passed with major ministerial changes and questions about the destiny of abducted agent Eston Kohver. But the week ended with a major celebration as the most famous Estonian in the world, Arvo Pärt, turned 80. 

Social Democrats replaced three of their five ministers. Jevgeni Ossinovski is now the minister of health and labor, Hannes Hanso the new defense minister, and Liisa Oviir took over from Urve Palo as the minister of entrepreneurship.

After appalling first two games at EuroBasket 2015, the Estonian basketball team redeemed itself with a win over Ukraine. Although putting up a strong fight against Lithuania, the men were unable to beat Latvia the following evening and were sent backing.

On Thursday, the European Parliament demanded the immediate release of Eston Kohver and two Ukrainian citizens imprisoned in Russia. MEPs from all over Europe were spotted wearing a yellow ribbon in support of Kohver. Meanwhile, Kohver's whereabout in Russia remain unknown.

Composer Arvo Pärt celebrated his 80th birthday on Friday, September 11, and the world celebrated with him. Pärt received greeting from all over the world, including a birthday message from Pope Francis.

On Sunday, over 19,000 people ran different distances in the SEB Tallinn Marathon and US army's highest ranking officer Martin Dempsey arrived in Estonia.

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