GALLERY: Transport aircraft C-5M Super Galaxy landed at Ämari ({{commentsTotal}})

One of the largest strategic transport aircrafts in the world, the US Air Force's C5M Super Galaxy, landed in Ämari Air Base on Wednesday. It's the largest aircraft ever welcomed by the Estonian Air Force.

Ämari has previously seen the deployment of a An-124 and the landings of C-17s have become rutine, Lt. Col. Ülar Lõhmus, commander of the air base said.

A C-5 has, however, landed at Tallinn Airport before.

The Spuer Galaxy came to Estonia from the Ramstein Air Base in Germany and will fly back to the US today. Its visit is related to a joint air force exercise due to to commence in Estonia next week.

C-5M Super Galaxy is a modernised version of the C-5. Initial production started in 2009 and the fleet will remain in service at least until 2040.

One aircraft has a payload of more than 122 tons of cargo. It can carry up to six Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters or five Bradley Fighting Vehicles at one time. The maximum speed is 932 kilometers per hour and range over 4,400 kilometers.

Editor: M. Oll