Refugee donations increase after immigration center fire ({{commentsTotal}})

Offers to help refugees in Estonia have “sky-rocketed” after an arson attack at the country's only immigration center two weeks ago, the head of the Estonian Refugee Council said.

Estonians have come forward to offer accommodation, jobs, act as interpreters and language teachers, and to volunteer their time after the center in Vao village was set on fire on September 3, Eero Janson said.

He said: “The number of people offering all kinds of help has really sky-rocketed after the fire in Vao. We are gathering all kinds of offers through a webform on our webpage. We have gathered a total of 75 offers for voluntary work, jobs, accommodation, different items and services since September 10 when we opened the form.”

He added: “I think the fire in Vao really shook many people who were idle before and prompted them to take action somehow. Since we've been in the picture quite strongly, many found us. Vao reception centre has received many offers as well and we've started cooperation with them to use these offers to maximum.”

The immigration center in Lääne-Viru County was set on fire during the early hours of the morning while 50 people were inside. Police confirmed that so far no one has been arrested.

Editor: H. Wright