Estonia receives ten times fewer asylum applications than EU average ({{commentsTotal}})

According to Eurostat, European Union countries received a total of over 210,000 first time asylum applications in the second quarter of 2015. Estonia's share: 65, or 0.03 percent share in EU total.

Although statistically the number of applications shows a considerable rise – 21 percent increase in the second quarter of the year, from 50 to 65 – the number of applications per one million inhabitants is still relatively low, just 48, especially compared to countries in the center of the refugee crisis, such as Hungary (3,317 applicants per million ihabitants), Austria (2,2026) Sweden (1,147), and Germany (997).

EU average was 420 asylum seekers per million inhabitants.

Compared to Estonia, only eight countries received less application in that regard: Poland (46), Czech Republic (26), Portugal (24), Lithuania (21), Slovenia (20), Romenia (19), Croatia (6) and Slovakia (5).

Majority of the asylum seekers in Estonia currently come from Ukraine (38 percent), follow Syria (15 percent), and Georgia (8 percent).

Editor: M. Oll

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