School shooter's father: no one expects light punishment ({{commentsTotal}})

The father of the minor who shot and killed a teacher in Viljandi a year ago, said his family is not expecting a sentence of less than the maximum 10 years.

The trial against Vahur, now 16, began on Friday and is expected to conclude in October. The boy admitted to the shooting at the first sitting.

The father, Vahur Ruut senior, will not face charges of negligence regarding the gun which was used in the act. The gun belongs to Ruut, who the authorities said, kept the weapon and ammunition in accordance with the law.

The minor, 15 at the time, unlocked his father's gun cabinet, took with him a Amadeo ROSSI-851 handgun and nine bullets. He took the weapon to school on the same day, October 27, and shot and killed his German-language teacher Ene Sarap. Vahur shot at the teacher six times, of which three bullets hit the teacher.

Besides Vahur and Sarap, four other pupils were in the classroom, none were hurt.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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