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Conservative People's Party (EKRE) deputy head Martin Helme said the Tallinn local government corruption case has drawn attention away from other important stories in the Estonian society, and the government is benefiting from such a scandal.

Speaking on ETV, Helme said for him it is currently not a question of believing or not believing in Savisaar, but of proof, which he is yet to see.

“I agree that if a party is in power too long, it tends to go corrupt,” he said, “I have to stress that conspiracy theories aside, the Tallinn city corruption case eclipsed all other big stories in Estonian society, including the Port of Tallinn case, and the day the decision was taken, the Estonian government capitulated on the migration questions. A great scandal right now really benefits the government,” he said.

Helme said the prosecution's drive to get Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar to step back is double standards, as Savisaar is only a suspect, and has not been charged, adding that while former foreign minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus was charged, but carried on in her ministerial post.

Savisaar should still resign, Helme said, adding that the move would bring himself, his party and the city government away from the flames.

“For EKRE, this [a corruption case] is an unknown problem as we have been as clean as a whistle and we are fazed by both – the Port of Tallinn and the Tallinn city corruption case – we have zero tolerance for either, but as we see, searches are going on with great enthusiasm, and those are only attempts to fish for something, hoping to find materials which would lead to a charge, and this is worrying!" Helme exclaimed.

He added he wants to see a court trial, not just months of words and the whole thing falling apart in a year. He also said that if nothing is found, then it was a political show where the process is the punishment.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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