New Postimees editor-in-chief resigns after first day ({{commentsTotal}})

Columnist and economy analyst Hardo Pajula, who was named the new head of Postimees daily earlier in the week, backed out of the deal after just one day in the office.

Pajula decided not to take the job after meeting the staff on Wednesday, his first day on the job.

“After meeting Postimees editorial staff I came to the conclusion that the staff's expectations for me and my plans are not compatible and me taking the job of editor-in-chief at Postimees would not make it more united and stronger,” he told the daily.

“It is impossible to work with these people and in the current situation,” he told Äripäev, adding that Mart Kadastik, a former EIC and CEO at Postimees, who has been connected to the daily since 1991, has his footprint deeply embedded in the newspaper and the culture Kadastik created does not suit him.

He said the staff were hostile towards him and even after Kadastik left, the work culture he created remains.

The current chief, Merit Kopli, who was due to become CEO, will continue.

Editor: J.M. Laats