Savisaar’s heart procedure successful ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn Mayor and Estonian opposition leader Edgar Savisaar, who was taken to hospital on Wednesday, complaining heart problems, underwent coronary angioplasty today.

Savisaar was hospitalized with pre heart attack symptoms and the subsequent medical tests showed that one of his arteries suffered under critical vasoconstriction. Coronary angioplasty was performed on him on Friday morning, to widen narrowed sections of the heart.

According to East-Tallinn Hospital, the operation was successful and without complications.

A day before Savisaar went to hospital, he was named suspect in the bribery investigation by Internal Security Services (ISS) and Prosecution’s Office. Savisaar has previously had a serious heart attack, in 2003.

In March, Savisaar fell ill with streptococcus bacteria. This resulted in a toxic syndrome and blood poisoning and to save his life, doctors had to amputate one of Savisaar's legs above the knee. Savisaar recovered and returned to front-line politics in August, assuming his post in charge of Tallinn City Government, albeit resigning as an MP.

Editor: S. Tambur

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