Mikser: Russia's return to world politics more facade than reality ({{commentsTotal}})

Former defense minister and current head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Sven Mikser, said that Russia's show of strength in the Middle East is mostly bluff, and the return of the nation to the center of power in the world is more pretense than reality.

In an opinion piece in Postimees, Mikser said he has serious doubts that Russia has out-played the United States with its Syria intervention. “International sanctions, combined with low oil prices have led to a long-term crisis in the Russian economy and despite rejections by loyal Kremlin analysts, the economy has not yet hit rock bottom,” he said.

“What this means is that Russian powers will soon have to decide whether to finance military showmanship by postponing long-term rearmament programs or by large social spending cuts, or freezes,” Mikser said, adding that all this does mean Estonia should be indifferent to Russia, and that Russia remains a large nation where military spending has priority over socio-economic problems.

Editor: J.M. Laats