Former local government head found guilty of embezzlement ({{commentsTotal}})

The Harju County Court has found Valeri Kukk, former head of the local government of Kiili, guilty of embezzlement, as well as of forging and using a forged document.

According to the prosecution, Kukk wished to benefit from the refurbishment of a council flat.

"In order to avoid restrictions by the anti-corruption law, Kukk asked a company he was involved with to take part of the tender. With his help, the company won the tender and signed a contract," district prosecutor Gardi Anderson said.

Kukk gained over 14,500 euros from the deal.

He was also accused of forging checks that were used to reclaim expenses. Instead of the 16,580 euros paid out for the refurbishment of the flat, the actual costs are estimated to have remained in the region of 7,000 euros. All construction work was undertaken by Kukk's father.

Editor: M. Oll