Construction company Kodumaja named business of the year 2015 ({{commentsTotal}})

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) announced the winners of the second annual business awards in a televized gala on Thursday evening. Estonia's Business of the Year is Kodumaja, a group of companies that specialize in construction of high-quality housing.

Head of EAS Hanno Tomberg said that Kodumaja is an excellent example of a company that is based on Estonian capital and has managed to succeed on both local and international level. "Export is the magic word that helps our businesses and economy grow," he said, adding that Kodumaja exports almost 100 percent of its produce, with a turnover of 52 million euros.

Over 90 percent of the housing is built by Kodumaja group in Nordic countries. The company specializes on design and construction from prefabricated wooden frame modules.

The housing project of Kodumaja in Norway, which won the Estonian Woodhouse Association's competition "Pre-fabricated Building of the Year 2011" and was awarded the title "Best Residential Building in Norway 2013" (Photo:

Winners of EAS Enterpreneurship Award 2015:

Innovator of the Year: Adcash
Exporter of the Year: Kodumaja
Regional Company of the Year: UPM-Kymmene Otepää Plywood Mill
Responsible Employer of the Year: Playtech Estonia

Foreign Investor of the Year: Westaqua-Invest

Most Competitive Companies 2015:

Micro-business of the Year: Interstudio
Medium-sized Business of the Year: Adcash

Large Enterprise of the Year: Merko Ehitus

Most competitive by area:

Industry and energy: BLRT Group
Food: A. Le Coq
Finance: Swedbank
Wholesale: CM Tallinn
Communications and IT: Eesti Telekom
Tourism: Tallink Group
Transport and logistics: Greencarrier Liner Agency
Construction: Merko Ehitus

Service: Olympic Entertainment Group

Young Entrepreneur of the Year award went to Indrek Ulst from Mooncascade.

Editor: M. Oll

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