Week in pictures: October 5-11 ({{commentsTotal}})

Last week had major developments in defense field, as well as important sporting events. Those who love nature, had an opportunity to enjoy magnificent display of northern lights over Estonia.

It was revealed on Wednesday that an international special intervention units anti-terrorism simulation ATHOS 2015 had just finished in Southern Estonia. 

Those not afraid of the dropping temperatures were able to enjoy a wonderful display of northern lights over Estonia on Wednesday evening.

It emerged in the middle of the week that the British government has decided to deploy troops to Baltic states and Poland. Kremlin has already said it will have to react in order to "restore the balance of power" in the region. However, the precise nature of the response is not clear yet.

On Friday, Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas visited London to meet David Cameron and thank him for the decision.

On Saturday night, two inmates escaped from Tallinn Prison in Estonia's first prison break for 5 years.

In sports news, while Estonian football team lost to England in Wembley Stadium and has now lost all hope of making it to the UEFA Euro 2016 championships, the volleyball team managed to beat one of their 3 opponets in the group stage of the European Championships and advanced to the play-offs.

Editor: M. Oll