Study: local Russian community largely skeptical on Kremlin propaganda ({{commentsTotal}})

The probability of Moscow propaganda instigating ethnic Russians in Estonia to revolt against the Estonian state is low, says the Center for Defense and Security Studies in a latest report.

In a study, the center interviewed a number of ethnic Russians living in Estonia, concluding that the general opinion is one of skepticism towards Moscow-run television channels.

Around 300,000 ethnic Russians live in Estonia, with the study saying a third have integrated well and speak both languages.

Russia's television channels are the main source of information for around 75 percent of Estonian Russians, although nearly half of the 75 percent also watch Estonian channels.

ETV+, the new Russian-language television channel run by ERR, was viewed by 70,000 ethnic Russians in the first week on air.

Demographically, younger ethnic Russians take to the internet and consume global pop culture, while the older generation looks towards Russian television channels for entertainment, but consume less news.

Editor: J.M. Laats