Tallinn to limit alcohol sale in 10 popular old town bars ({{commentsTotal}})

Suur-Karja street in the Old Town
Suur-Karja street in the Old Town Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

The Tallinn City Government has decided to set temporary business restrictions to 10 entertainment venues in Tallinn Old Town to solve problems with public order. The restrictions will be enforced in a month and to begin with, last until March 20.

The restrictions apply to the following bars and pubs: Nimeta bar, Shooters, Route 13, Valli bar, Taco Express, Dubliner, Bayern & Bohmen Keller, St Patrick's Bar and Labor.

The named venues will not be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages after 00:00 at weekdays and 01:00 at weekends. They also have to stop serving customers no later than an hour after that.

According to Deputy Mayor Arvo Sarapuu, these restrictions are being enforced to solve problems with public order in the so-called Bermuda Triangle area. “Despite prolonged efforts by the city and government agencies, as well the bar owners themselves, the situation is still unacceptable and following long and thorough administrative proceedings, it's obvious that the city has the responsibility to take steps to protect the rights of its citizens, visitors, accommodation providers and other businesses in the area,” Sarapuu explained. “We must also stress the need to protect and appreciate the cultural heritage of the area in question,” he added.

Sarapuu also stressed that should the problem spill over to other areas as a result, the city is ready to start new administrative proceedings and implement appropriate measures.

“Freedom of enterprise is not a given and unlimited right to be abused on the expense of others. It too must be used taking into account the interests and rights of the rest,” Sarapuu said.

Restrictions come into force in a month and will last until March 20. In that time, the ten businesses in question need to reorganize their ventures in a way that they do not violate the rights of others.

Editor: M. Oll