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Photo: "Challenge Your Senses" in the Estonian Parliament Author: (Sten-Ander Ojakallas)

On Wednesday, October 21, Estonian MPs tried a role of people with disabilities as part of competition to acquire new experiences and make decision making about the first reading of the work ability reform bills easier.

The event preceded the first reading of the reform bill, the objective of which is to find employment for people with special needs.

The event was organized by NGO Challenge Your Senses that runs prize winning simulations of life with mobility, sight or hearing impairment.

"For just a moment, MPs have a unique opportunity to become (dis)abled and feel and experience the abilities and obstacles, ways to overcome them. For example, give solutions to cope in bus-stop without sight, say something in sign language, go through obstacles on wheels," said Meelika Siilsalu, member of Challenge Your Senses.

Siilsalu stressed that this is the first time this kind of simulation has been done for politicians. "The MPs get a chance to get a first hand experience in why in an aging society, where we presume life-long working and learning, obstacle-free environment helps to win elections. Why just a few centimeters, an incline angle, color or contrast can be so important for future voters."

The attending MPs join the over 6,000 strong community who have already challenged their senses in Estonia and abroad.

Editor: M. Oll