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Estonian employer branding agency Instar conducted a survey among students to find out the most highly esteemed enterprises in the country.

The study established that students consider Microsoft-owned Skype Technologies, State Forest Management Center (RMK) and state-owned Estonian Energy as the most desirable employers, business daily Äripäev reported.

According to the study, conducted this spring among 1,000 students, 53 percent of the respondents would prefer to work at a private sector, 29 percent in public sector, and 16 percent would like to be self-employed. Just two percent would choose a non-governmental or charity organization.

Kersti Vannas from Instar said that the number of people who would like to work for private businesses or be entrepreneurs themselves, has increased compared to previous years.

Students said that most important is to have an interesting and challenging position, and a workplace where the management is competent and fair towards employees.

On average, the students expect just above 1,200 euros net salary per month.

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