Estonia using x-ray to check asylum seekers ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian authorities used x-ray to catch two Afghan asylum seekers lying about their age in the past two months, but have used the measure for years.

The two men claimed to be under 18, but an x-ray showed they are both at least 21 years of age, Eesti Ekspress reported.

“Lying does not mean an automatic rejection of an asylum request, but it will be taken into consideration when a decision on granting asylum is made,” Madis Vaikmaa, a representative of the Police and Border Guard Board, said.

Estonia investigates all asylum seekers and other illegal immigrants in Estonia, who claim to be minors. The Estonian Forensic Science Institute takes x-rays of hands, the chest and the mouth cavity to check whether ossification is complete.

Minors enjoy more benefits, such as more space in asylum seeker centers, and are allowed to attend schools, while many asylum seekers believe those 18 or older will be incarcerated or sent out of the country.

Editor: J.M. Laats