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Tallinn Music Week 2015. Source: (TMW)

The artist application round for the eighth edition of Tallinn Music Week (TMW) ended on November 1 with nearly 1,300 applicants from 47 countries. About one-fifth of pudding artists come from Estonia. Next up were Finland, Russia and Denmark. Some of the most exotic places to apply from included Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia and Faroe Islands.

Around 200 applicants will be confirmed into the line-up and the detailed program will be announced at the beginning of February.

TOP 10 applicants per country:
Estonia 239
Finland 192
Russia 190
Denmark 148
Belarus 90
Poland 65
Latvia 57
United Kingdom 32
Lithuania 32
Ukraine 24

According to the head of the festival, Helen Sildna, the increase of interest from international acts proves that TMW is becoming an integral part of the global music industry.

“We are lucky to be the meeting place of music from old and new Europe. Just as we have believed that a person we usually meet at rock clubs can fully enjoy classical music and jazz, our festival has always equally valued artists from well known music countries like Sweden and the UK, next to new talents from places like Slovenia or Serbia,” Sildna added.

Sildna considers the big interest on TMW by Finnish, Russian and Danish artists very reasonable: “Throughout the festival's existence we have witnessed an increasing number of artists from all these countries. Brilliant results to bands like Motorama, Get Your Gun or Mirel Wagner, to name just a few examples, have of course helped us spread the word in music community. Eventually these are the factual results we want to help artists to achieve, but also to guarantee them full venues, enthusiastic audiences and fun times. We have a lot of respect for the investment that artists and export offices put into being here – it’s our responsibility to make sure they can make the most of it."

The eight edition of TMW takes place in Tallinn from March 28 to April 3, 2016.

Editor: M. Oll

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