Center Party to pick up legal bill in Savisaar case ({{commentsTotal}})

Kesknädal, Center Party's official newspaper Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

The Center Party said it will pay the legal bill for party chairman Edgar Savisaar and party board member Kalev Kallo, both faced with corruption charges.

Center Party's intentions were made public today by Kadri Simson, who is running against Savisaar in the party's internal election. She wrote in Kesknädal, the party's newspaper, that there is hope Savisaar can be reinstated to office soon. “The party has also promised to cover all costs associated with the investigation, to him and to Kalev Kallo. That promise is also good if a new chairman and board are elected at the congress,” she said, Postimees reported.

Savisaar is suspected of taking bribes from a number of businessmen. He was recently suspended as Tallinn's mayor as authorities were afraid he could influence witnesses.

Kalev Kallo, currently the head of Tallinn city council, is suspected of aiding and taking bribes.

Savisaar's lawyers said they will appeal the decision to suspend him from office.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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