Savisaar: ISS will wait until local elections to charge me ({{commentsTotal}})

Center Party Chairman Edgar Savisaar said the Internal Security Service (ISS) could postpone charges against him until the next elections, the local elections in two years time.

Savisaar has been accused by authorities of corruption, although no charges have been made.

Savisaar told Maaleht in an interview that IRL is behind the attack on him. “Let us remember: Raivo Aeg (former ISS chief) is currently an IRL MP on Toompea, and he was one of the authors of the church funds scandal, perhaps the main author,” Savisaar said, adding that current ISS head Arnold Sinisalu has similar leanings and ISS deputy director Martin Arpo once ran for office under IRL.

“I do not see why they have put all their chips on a party which only has an 8 percent rating,” Savisaar said.

Speaking about the upcoming party internal leadership, where Savisaar will be challenged by Kadri Simson, he said the party has the highest popularity ratings in Estonia, it has attracted 1,000 new members since last two congresses and won an absolute majority in Tallinn.

Editor: J.M. Laats