Police use force in prison incident ({{commentsTotal}})

Inmates at the Harku prison, just west of Tallinn, began a protest on Tuesday evening, demanding the release of a prisoner who was put in solitary confinement.

Police put a prisoner in isolation on Tuesday at 19:00, after he defied orders, resisted officials and was aggressive.

“Inmates who witnessed this protested and demanded the release of their fellow prisoner. A few tens of prisoners blocked a corridor, the men sat in the corridor and refused to stand up and leave. None responded to any orders in the two hours that followed,” Police and Border Guard spokeswoman Marie Aava told ERR.

Police used force, special equipment and rubber bullets to restore order and take inmates back to their cells.

An emergency situation lasted until 21:30.

Postimees reported that around 20:00 many police vehicles arrived at the prison, situated just outside of Tallinn. An ambulance also arrived at the prison, although it left 15 minutes later.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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