Nordic islands take center stage at next Viru Folk ({{commentsTotal}})

Iceland, the Faroe and Shetland Islands, Gotland and Åland, not to mention numerous local isles and islets, are just a few in focus of the ninth edition of the Nordic music festival Viru Folk on August 14-15, 2016.

The chief organizer and the program manager, Peep Veedla, said that next year all foreign performers will come from different Atlantic and Baltic sea islands: “Among the very interesting musicians from islands and archipelagos we have identified those that we absolutely have to invite. Lot of great music is produced in Nordic islands, much more than can fit to our little festival."

Veedla explained that he got the idea of an island theme when visiting the Faroe Islands in 2013. Of Faroese artists, singer-songwriter Eivør, their most successful male musician Teitur Lassen, and folkmetal band TYR are included in 2016 Viru Folk lineup. Musicians from Iceland, the Shetland Islands, Gotland and Åland will also join in.

Our very own numerous Estonian islands will be involved in many different ways, by providing music, musicians or national instruments. Even Käsmu, a small coastal village set in the Lahemaa National Park on the north coast of Estonia, where the festival takes place, has its own island to present – Kuradisaar (Devil's Island).

Editor: M. Oll