POLL: Estonians distrustful of government's refugee policy ({{commentsTotal}})

A poll conducted by Turu-uuringute AS on opinions regarding the trustworthiness of Estonian parties and politicians when it comes to refugee policy shows that almost two thirds don't trust their government on the issue.

According to the results, reported today by Eesti Päevaleht, 62 percent of the 515 respondents said they don't trust the government on refugee issue, while 30 percent do and 9 percent cannot make up their mind.

The poll also inquired about opinions on the trustworthiness of particular parties and politicians. It turns out that Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas and the Reform Party are at the same time most trusted (8 and 13 percent respectively) and most untrusted (30 and 35 percent) of Estonian political players.

Views on the Conservative Peoples Party (EKRE) and its leaders are similarly contrasting, with 14 percent saying they are the most and 13 percent the least trustworthy party in Estonia. On the whole, 23 percent could not say which politician they trust the most and 22 percent trusted no one.

According to Turu-uuringute AS, factors like social status, education and ethnic origin had little to no bearing on the respondents' preferences, with age being the only thing to make some difference: EKRE's trust credit was almost entirely dependant on the 50-64 age group.

Editor: M. Oll

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