Police respond heavily to 'bank robbers' with fake guns in unregistered film shoot ({{commentsTotal}})

Police operation in Tallinn city center
Police operation in Tallinn city center Source: (ERR)

A concerned citizen notified the police of armed and masked men in Tallinn city center on Sunday afternoon. The police responded with large force to what turned out to be an unregistered film shoot.

To ERR's knowledge, the film shoot was for a clip commissioned by the LHV Bank. The organizer failed to anticipate the confusion a sudden appearance of a group of masked and seemingly armed people would cause in the city center. According to Postimees, the armed group stormed out of an LHV branch.

A by-passer mistook the men for actual bank robbers and informed the police.

“Almost all patrol cars that were in Tallinn at that moment rushed to the scene,” Helen Uldrich, a spokeswoman for the Police and Border Guard Board, told ERR. “What if something serious had happened elsewhere at the same time…” she warned.

Editor: M. Oll