Savisaar: Generation shift in parties unsuccessful so far ({{commentsTotal}})

Center Party Chairman Edgar Savisaar, facing a younger challenger at internal elections at the end of the week, said generation shifts in Estonian parties have failed, adding that examples include the People's Union of Estonia (now EKRE), SDE and IRL.

“Some have painted it as a congress or rejuvenation. I remember when Karel Rüütli, of the younger generation, took over the People's Union of Estonia (Rahvaliit) and half a year later there was no People's Union. I recall (Jevgeni) Ossinovski. Many were talking about a generation shift then, but I do not believe there are many new ideas there now,” he said, adding that IRL's ratings have fallen to 7-8 percent after Margus Tsahkna was elected party head.

Speaking about his most realistic opponent, Kadri Simson, Savisaar said he has the backing of 15 party regions and the youth wing while Simson has five region. He said six regions are undecided.

Simson said Savisaar promised her tough battles when she first told him of her plan to run for party leader. She said she expected dirty tactics from Savisaar and feels sorry, not angry for Savisaar.

The party will hold a congress on November 29 and will pick a chairman from seven candidates, who are, besides Savisaar and Simson, Jaanus Karilaid, Toomas Vitsut, Mihhail Stalnuhhin, Yana Toom and Oudekki Loone.

Editor: J.M. Laats