Alexander edges out Noa for best restaurant title ({{commentsTotal}})

Pädaste, on the island of Muhu
Pädaste, on the island of Muhu Source: Photo: Courtesy Pädaste Manor

The Alexander restaurant on Muhu island has been named the best restaurant in Estonia for 2016, pushing Noa in Tallinn to second place. Ö and Tchaikovsky, both in Tallinn, as well as OKO, just outside, were also in the top five.

The structure of the awards was changed this year, from naming the top 50 restaurants in Estonia to dividing up the best restaurants into four categories. The top 50 restaurants project was scrapped altogether, but not before it could name its best restaurant at the end of October, with Noa claiming the title.

The above named restaurants, and Art Priori in Tallinn, were all listed in the “Masterclass” category, with 19 places in the “High Class” category, 30 in the “Very Good” and 14 more in the last group, just entitled “Restaurants,” with organizers saying these are 'not far off' from the previous group.

Restaurants were assessed using the White Guide Nordic's criteria with restaurant staff from around Estonia, and food experts taking part in the voting process.

The ranking is organized by the Flavors of Estonia program, which was launched in 2008. The program has named the top 50 restaurants in Estonia the past seven years, with Alexander and Noa claiming the majority of the titles between them.

Editor: J.M. Laats