Identification requirement to hit lottery fans ({{commentsTotal}})

From January 1, lottery ticket buyers will have to show ID and their personal identification code will be checked first.

The change in rules has two aims. The first is to limit access to lotteries to people who have registered with a Tax Board program aimed at helping people with gambling addiction, Eesti Päevaleht reported.

A person can enter the list on a voluntary basis for six months to three years. Once entered, a name cannot be deleted until the expiry of the term. The list currently restricts access to casinos.

The second reason is to tie lottery tickets with a personal identification code, meaning that winnings can only be paid out to that person. This also means that winnings can be redeemed without the need for the actual ticket.

The rules do not apply to quick lottery tickets, such as scratch and win tickets, nor to tickets purchased online.

Editor: J.M. Laats