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Photo: General Breedlove in Estonia Author: (Juss Saska, Ardi Hallismaa/Estonian Defense Forces)

NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, General Philip M. Breedlove,  visited Tapa military base in Estonia on Wednesday.

Like in previous years, Gen. Breedlove attended the Thankgiving dinner held by Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces Lieutenant General Riho Terras in honor of the US troops currently stationed in Estonia.

Breedlove said he likes visiting Estonia and Estonians because he is impressed by the high competence levels of the Estonian army and its leadership.

Terras called Breedlove's frequent visits to Estonia a clear recognition of the Defense Forces.

General Breedlove was last in Estonia a year ago, in November 2014.

In addition to paying a visit to the US troops in Tapa, Breedlove also met with Estonian defense minister Hannes Hanso.

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