Mikser: Problems from mass immigration are in people's heads ({{commentsTotal}})

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu Sven Mikser (SDE). Source: (Martin Dremljuga /ERR)

Problems arising from mass migration to Estonia only exists in the heads of people and isolation from the rest of the world poses a far bigger problem for our security, says former defense minister and current Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Sven Mikser.

“Of people who are fighting against mass waves of asylum seekers and migrants coming here, one can say that the problem of mass migration to Estonia currently only exists in peoples' heads,” Mikser said.

He said the capability to accept migrants has been stretched to the limit in many European nations such as Finland, Sweden and Germany. “If one where to look at those marching with torches and those who are holding gatherings, one can think that thousands and thousands of asylum seekers have already arrived in Estonia, although in reality it is not so,” he added.

“For us, a far greater security threat is to tell them to deal with their own problems and that we will deal with our own problems and that we build a fence and live here completely on our own,” Mikser said, adding that this would lead to far more existential dangers than asylum seekers or even terrorist attacks.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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