Study: Majority of CEOs ready to offer jobs to asylum seekers ({{commentsTotal}})

A poll by TNS Emor asked 480 business leaders if they were willing to accept asylum seekers to Estonia and give them jobs. The majority said yes.

The Äripäev-commissioned study found that 8 percent would be willing to take more asylum seekers into Estonia than the government is currently proposing, and half of the business leaders back the government's figure.

The study revealed that CEOs are in general more welcoming of migrants than the average Estonian. Recent polls suggest that only about a third of Estonians support accepting asylum seekers.

Around 27 percent of the business leaders were against welcoming migrants.

Foreign investors organizations and chambers of commerce in Estonia recently sent a joint letter to the Estonian government, saying that Estonia should make more efforts in encouraging diversity and tolerance.

Unlike Germany and Sweden, Estonia has seen no mass influx of migrants. There have been a number of protests against taking in asylum seekers but currently none have arrived from Italy or Greece as part of a EU refugee redistribution program.

Editor: J.M. Laats