First 8 asylum seekers to arrive in Estonia in January ({{commentsTotal}})

Priit Põdra, Estonia's liaison officer based in Italy, said the first refugees to be redistributed to Estonia will arrive in January.

Põdra said two families, a total of 8 people, will arrive in Estonia. “We have given Italy our profile preferences. Right now Italy is putting together something for us based on our preferences,” he told Postimees.

He said Estonia will take in asylum seekers who are able to integrate quicker, such as families, single parent families, youths and those who are faster able to find jobs – who speak English and who have specific job skills.

Põdra said Estonia will receive around 500 migrants in the next few years. “The redistribution of refugees will take place to all EU nations, and they will not be able to choose where they want to or don't want to go,” he added.

Editor: J.M. Laats