13 yo Estonian skiing talent beats world top athletes to Dew Tour freeski slopestyle victory ({{commentsTotal}})

13-year-old Kelly Sildaru took the most prestigious victory of her young career on Sunday when she won women's Dew Tour's freeski slopestyle final in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Sildaru outperformed Olympic champion Dar Howell and X-Games champion Emma Dahlström, while Olympic medalists Kim Lamarre and Katie Summerhayes, and world champion Lisa Zimmermann failed to qualify for the final.

Sildaru fell at the start of her first run and lost a ski, but put her best foot forward for the second, landed a switch right 900, right corked 720, switch left 900 and left 720, scoring an 90.80 points in the process.

The second place went to Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen from Norway (86.00 points) and third to top qualifier Emma Dahlstrom from Sweden (83.40 points).

Since Sildaru is too young to be allowed to compete in major championships, this was her first time to share the course with so many world leaders in women's slopestyle.

The Winter Dew Tour is a US extreme sports event, helf by NBC Sports and Alli Sports.

1. Kelly Sildaru, 90.80
2. Tiril Sjastad Christiansen, 86.00
3. Emma Dahlstrom, 83.40
4. Johanne Killi, 77.20
5. Yuki Tsubota, 74.20
6. Dara Howell, 29.60

Editor: M. Oll

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