A fashion novelty: 3 Estonian students carve ties out of wood ({{commentsTotal}})

Three months ago, three students from Pirita Business High School decided to set up PU:LIPS, a student company that produces exclusive wooden neckties. The ties have already raised interest in Italy and the US, where the boys soon hope to sell their products through an e-store.

“I got the idea to make wooden ties when I saw an old man in my local neighborhood carve them quite often,” Fred Mühls, the young CEO of PU:LIPS said. “I liked them a lot and so me and my schoolmates decided to start producing them in slightly larger quantities.”

The three boys joined forced and have so far made around 70 samples. A few dozen have been sold in local fairs.

The wood gives each tie a unique pattern, and so no two ties are ever the same.

The boys dream of one day seeing a celebrity wear one of their creations. They recently sold one to Estonian MEP Indrek Tarand in a charity auction.

Editor: M. Oll