Several Center Party board members boycott meeting over Toobal's reappointment as general secretary ({{commentsTotal}})

The majority of the Center Party board members who supported Kadri Simson in the recent leadership election, which saw Edgar Savisaar reelected, have decided not to attend a board meeting scheduled for Friday evening. The party members do not agree with the reappointment of Priit Toobal, who was expelled from the Parliament due to a criminal conviction, as the party's general secretary.

The board should convene in a few hours, but most members from the Simson camp to not plan to attend, member of the board Jaak Aab told ERR. “We have jointly decided that we will not go to the meeting because we don't stand a chance of overruling any decisions. The candidate for the general secretary is nominated by the chairman, the board can only approve or reject him,” Aab explained.

According to him, the main reason some board members oppose the reappointment of Toobal lies in the fact that the crimes he has been convicted of were committed during his last tenure.

New board member Siret Kotka said she supports Toobal if his is nominated by Savisaar himself. She is not concerned about his criminal conviction, as both Toobal and his co-accused Lauri Laasi, also a former Center Party MP, have said they will appeal the decision to the European Court of Human Rights.

Editor: M. Oll