Asylum seekers leaving Vao ({{commentsTotal}})

This year, 20 asylum seekers have left the Vao asylum seeker center of their own accord. That figure was less than 10 last year.

Jana Selesneva, the head of the center, told Postimees all people registered at the center must be in the building between 22:00 in the evening until 6:00 in the morning, unless they have special permission.

If a person does not return by 22:00, the police are notified. Olja Kivistik, a spokesman for the police, said a number of people do disappear during the asylum decision process. She said the number is usually less than five per year, but this year it has jumped to a few dozen.

She said the increase is due to more people staying at the center.

Once caught, the court can place the runaways in a detention center instead, such as the one found in Harku.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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