Referendum on same-sex marriage would be vote on current government, says Bahovski ({{commentsTotal}})

The referendum on same-sex marriages in Slovenia, where 63.5 percent voted against giving same-sex couple the right to marry, has given new energy to the anti camp in Estonia too, says Erkki Bahovski, head of the Diplomaatia magazine.

He said the fact that the referendum was organized at all was astonishing as it was clear that the yes camp would not win, adding that referendums are usually conducted if public opinion is unclear.

Bahovski said many Slovenian politicians are still campaigning for marriage rights, adding that there is little they can do and it seems more like political suicide.

“I am not 100 percent sure if a referendum on same-sex questions in Estonia would be rejected. First, one should decide what to ask: cohabitation or marriage? Besides, no church in Estonia has any decisive power and probably also here the referendum will become a vote of no confidence against the government. In this respect, it is not going well for Estonia,” he said.

Editor: J.M. Laats