Kallas: Younger generation politicians too afraid ({{commentsTotal}})

Siim Kallas
Siim Kallas Source: (Ülo Josing/ERR)

Reform Party founder, former PM and EU Commissioner Siim Kallas said the younger generation of politicians are too afraid to make decisions.

In a piece in Maaleht, Kallas said younger politicians are scared to make mistakes. “If you are constantly thinking what will happen at the next election, how to avoid risks and not make decisions, then one has to ask who will make those decisions,” he said.

He said all decisions are risky, and not only in Estonia but everywhere.

“Henry Kissinger has said that the qualities needed to win elections are ever further from those qualities needed for leading a state,” Kallas said, adding that politicians look too much toward popularity polls.

“The prime minister's job is one where decisions range between unpleasant and bad,” he said, adding that in the end, it is the electorate and the Parliament who evaluate Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas' term.

Editor: J.M. Laats