Christmas TV charity shows collect record donations ({{commentsTotal}})

With Estonians expected to spend 73 percent more on Christmas this year, compared to 2014, charities are also reporting record yields during the holiday season.

A study by Ferratum Group found that Estonians were planning to spend 73 percent more on the holiday season - around 501 euros per household.

Television channels air charity shows during the period and this year Estonians more than doubled their donations.

ETV's “Jõulutunnel,” on air every year since 1999, has so far collected nearly 300,000 euros. A year ago, the show drew just 145,000 euros. The previous record was from 2008, when 223,000 euros was donated. The money will go towards a mobile dermatology cabinet which will begin touring Estonia. The lines for “Jõulutunnel” are open until January 6. By calling the number 900 7701, you will donate 2 euros, calling 900 7702 - 5 euros and 900 7703 - 25 euros.

TV3's “Inglite aeg” collected slightly over 300,000 euros from 43,000 callers. The money will go to five families including one where a little girl is suffering from Rett syndrome and a family where a single father is raising six small children. Last year the program collected around 70,000 euros in donations.

Kanal 2's “Jõulusoojus” collected 103,000 euros for the “My dream day” foundation, which organizes day-trips and activities for sick children. The lines are open until December 31. Call 900 7015 to donate 5 euros, 900 7016 to donate 10 and 900 7017 to give 50 euros.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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