Estonian police officials carry out raid on Estonian-Latvian border ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian-Latvian border, Valga.
The Estonian-Latvian border, Valga. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Officials of the Estonian police as well as the Tax and Customs Board on Monday carried out a joint operation on the Estonian-Latvian border, in the course of which 16 crossing points on the border were closed and side roads were checked with a moving patrol.

In the South prefecture a total of 277 vehicles and 506 persons were checked, 25 of whom did not have the necessary documents. In addition, seven breaches of the Traffic Act and one breach of the Public Transport Act were detected. In the West prefecture 89 vehicles, 167 European Union citizens and 13 citizens of other countries were checked. As a result three breaches of the Traffic Act and four breaches of the Motor Insurance Act were detected as well as four breaches of the requirement to carry along a travel document. The latter were all citizens of a Schengen area country.

According to head of the border guard service of the South prefecture Tamar Tamm, the operation was a regular inspection.

The joint operation included 29 vehicles and 58 officials.