Rõivas: To say that what Europe thinks of us doesn’t matter is exceptionally shortsighted ({{commentsTotal}})

“What Europe thinks of us, that Estonia is a good member and a good partner to its fellow member states, is of vital importance to us,” the Prime Minister said in parliament.

“Only a cynic would think that a small state, located next to a relatively aggressive state a hundred times its size, could continue to exist, continue to stay alive, and be successful without having allies. In my opinion to say that you couldn’t care less what Europe thinks of us is exceptionally shortsighted,” said Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas in response to a comment made by MP Martin Helme (EKRE, Conservative People’s Party).

Helme had said earlier that he couldn’t care less what Europe thought of Estonia. The parliament was discussing the matter of sending a representative to the European Court of Auditors.

Editor: Dario Cavegn