Ukrainian separatist appeals extradition in the European Court of Human Rights ({{commentsTotal}})

Vladimir Poljakov, who the Government in December decided to extradite to Ukraine because he allegedly fought with the separatists in eastern Ukraine, has submitted a notice of appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

The appeal was prepared by the office of Estonian MEP Yana Toom in cooperation with lawyers of the Legal Information Center for Human Rights. According to Interfax, Toom and the center think that the Government's decision is not consistent with international law.

“We have heard from human rights’ organizations that participants in the Donbass conflict are not treated in accordance with international standards at Ukrainian penitentiary institutions. It is very probable that Poljakov would be tortured,” Toom said. The Ukrainian court system’s quality regarding political matters couldn’t withstand criticism, and that no matter what Poljakov was accused of, it was unacceptable that Estonia as a European country would make him face such danger.

The Government decided late last year to grant Ukraine's request for Poljakov's extradition. The Ukrainian authorities are accusing him of performing duties assigned to him by the military of the so-called Lugansk People's Republic, including the guarding of facilities and illegally captured individuals as well as taking part in military operations.

Poljakov’s lawyer contested the government's decision before the Tallinn Administrative Court, which will announce its ruling on February 3.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office noted that the court did not deal with the question of the suspect’s guilt, but only assessed the permissibility of his extradition.

The Internal Security Service had detained Poljakov in February 2015 while he was traveling from Estonia to Russia with the intention of reaching Lugansk from there. The Ukrainian authorities submitted a request for his extradition in summer last year.

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