Estonia ranked 8 out of 180 for environmental protection ({{commentsTotal}})

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Estonia is ranked 8th in the recently published Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2016, which rates world's top and worst performers in terms of their efforts to protect ecosystems and human health.

The index is complied by researchers from Yale University and Columbia University, who scored the performance of 180 countries in nine issue areas comprised of more than 20 indicators. These indicators measure country proximity to meeting internationally established targets or, in the absence of such targets, how nations compare to one another.

This year Finland has taken the top spot in front of Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Slovenia, with Estonia not far behind on 8th place. Somalia lingers on the opposite end with Eritrea, Madagasgar, Niger and Afghanistan.

Overall results of 2016 show that more deaths globally occur due to poor air quality than unsafe water, as more than half of the world's population live in nations where air quality is a serious concern. And while health impacts, access to drinking water and sanitation are improving all over the world, air quality and fisheries exhibit troubling declines.

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