Carson would protect Estonia in case of a Russian attack ({{commentsTotal}})

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said, when answering a question about Estonia in a recent election debate, that he would protect the Baltic countries in case of a Russian attack.

Carson had to answer a hypothetical question in a recent debate on what would be his reaction to Russian troops occupying Estonia and the country invoking NATO Article Five, meaning that an attack against one is an attack against all, Western Journalism and TPM report.

Carson answered that he would definitely intervene were Putin to attack.

He said the next U.S. president should “recognize that [Russian President] Vladimir Putin is an opportunist and he’s a bully and we have to face him down.” Carson said he would “face [Putin] down in the whole Baltic region”.

“I think we need to put in some armored brigades there,” the candidate added. Carson also said he believes military training exercises should be carried out in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

"They're terrified by the saber-rattling," Carson said.

The politician also pointed out that Ukraine should be given lethal aid.

The retired neurosurgeon also recommended the Baltics stand up to Russia economically to achieve independence from Russian energy.

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