EU review: Poverty and low employment a danger to Estonian families with children ({{commentsTotal}})

In Estonian society, it’s families with children to whom poverty and low employment are the biggest threat, the European Commission's Employment and Social Development review points out.

According to Eesti Päevaleht, the review found that Estonian mothers stay away from the job market the longest compared to the situation in different EU member states. About 20 percent of women returned to work in the same year their child was born, and 40 percent returned the year after giving birth, the review stated.

A very important detail is that when returning to work, mothers often have to accept a lower income.

The annual review analyzes categories like the employment of mothers, parents’ employment gap, the difference between employment of mothers and childless women, and the income of childless families compared to families with children.

Southern European states like Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, and Greece are in a similar situation.

Editor: Dario Cavegn