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Businessman Urmas Sõõrumaa and former head of the Defense Forces Information Office Hannes Võrno have both sent letters to Estonian sports associations, expressing their willingness to run for president of the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOK) and highlighting their reasons and plans.

In his letter, entrepreneur Hannes Võrno points to experience from the military, in teamwork, the business world and public relations. “I have accomplished a lot and amassed considerable experience during my career that cannot be found working for a single company or climbing the career ladder in political parties. Skills and experience only come from handling a lot of different people and situations. It should be the core requirement for a president, not an added bonus,” Võrno writes. He goes on to write that he plans to publish his activity plan for the committee, together with a list of people he would like to see on his team in the near future. In closing Võrno says that he is apolitical and able to serve as an independent president and a balancing influence, instead of depending on the more convenient or one particular side.

Hannes Võrno

Business tycoon Urmas Sõõrumaa writes in his letter to EOK members that he is prepared to run for committee president and highlights a life full of sporting activity. Sõõrumaa's letter lists his priorities as president, including boosting the committee's social appeal, involving sports enthusiasts in running EOK and increasing the number of people involved in decision-making, paying more attention to physical education in schools, promoting sports in the military. “An external force cannot break a single rock, internal force can decimate dozens! I would join EOK not to take, but to give!” Sõõrumaa writes.

Urmas Sõõrumaa

The committee is set to elect a new president, vice-presidents and executive committee members on April 15.

Source: Postimees

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