Eesti Laul semifinalist reaches 1 million views in Youtube ({{commentsTotal}})

Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid Source: (Mart Vares & Pedro Dionísio)

With Eesti Laul semifinals still weeks away, one semifinalists – “Immortality” by Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – has already amassed more than one million listeners in Youtube. This is far more than any other semifinalist in the history of the competition.

The success is largely down to the record company NoCopyrightSounds, on whose official channel the song is featured, Aaslaid told The channel has more than four million subscribers.

In Aaslaid's opinion, large viewer numbers may still not guarantee success at Eesti Laul, the Estonian pre-Eurovision competition. “At the end of the day it comes down to what you do and how you prove yourself on the stage,” she said.

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