Estonian Tax and Customs Board dismantles 11 criminal groups ({{commentsTotal}})

Two of the gangs engaged in smuggling, four in drug crimes, and five in tax fraud, the agency stated in an overview of its activity in 2015.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board reported yesterday that they managed to dismantle 11 criminal groups last year.

In total, 125 people and 47 companies were involved in the crime rings. The Tax and Customs Board seized 3.7 million euros worth of criminal goods during the year.

Tax crimes are often connected with the construction, metal working, fuel and electronics sectors. The latter are fields in which criminal groups with better finance are active, the agency observed.

The Tax and Customs Board concluded 121 criminal investigations last year, assessing damage to the state in the amount of 10 million euros, and averting damage in the amount of 2.7 million euros.