Parents with child support debt face having their driver's license suspended ({{commentsTotal}})

A bill will come into force in March that will make life much more uncomfortable for parents with outstanding child support payments, giving authorities the right to suspend their driver's and other licences.

Over the next six months, three sets of regulations will be enforced that will make the legistlation on deadbeat parents in Estonia one of the toughest in Europe, Postimees reported.

One the the amendments gives the bailiffs the right to strip parents with alimony dept of their driver's licences, as well as hunting, boating and other licences. Bailiffs can soon also seize assets paid to third parties on behalf of the debtors in income avoidance schemes. 

As of 2015, Estonia had 8,043 parents with child support debt, totalling over 14.5 million euros between them.