Police: Sea ice off Pärnu, Saare, Lääne counties extremely dangerous ({{commentsTotal}})

The police barred ice fishers from venturing out onto the sea ice off the coast of the Pärnu, Saare and Lääne counties on Tuesday. With the rising temperatures, the ice is now too thin, and anyone going out on it is in danger of breaking through.

The ban does not apply to fishermen with a professional fishing permit, but even they can’t go farther away from the coast than 1500 meters. Also exempt from the ban are the category-A motor vehicles the fishermen use to move their equipment.

Argo Tali, head of the information office of the West Prefecture of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, said that the conditions in the three counties have become extremely dangerous, and that going out on the ice sould be avoided under all circumstances.

“We have information about vehicles and fishermen alike that have broken through the ice. Despite the fact that all of these situations ended without injury, it's clear that the ice in all the three counties has become dangerous for everyone moving on it,” Tali said.

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