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Kéa Source: (Claudia Schütz)

The 2016 edition of Eesti Laul kicks off this Saturday with the first semi-final. The sixth act to perform will be pop singer Kéa with her song 'Lonely Boy'.

Singer Kéa's journey to Eesti Laul began in the most modern of ways: with a handful of YouTube videos emailed to a producer.

"A few years ago I wrote to the producer of the song, Robert Stanley Montes, and he wrote me back instantly saying he wanted to work with me," she said.

"Time passed and we started working together, then he introduced me to Egert Milder, who wrote the song."

Kéa is the stage name of singer Ketter Orav, who says she's always dreamed of having a stage name.

Her stage name came from the first two letters of her real first name, and she loves what the name means to her.

"The time came when I needed a stage name for performing, and I loved Kéa."

Like most Estonians, Kéa began singing when she was very young, but has only recently been able to devote more time to music.

A hairdresser and makeup artist by trade, Kéa didn't originally intend to enter her song into Eesti Laul.

"I wanted to do the song anyway, but then Eesti Laul came around and I thought why not!," she said.

Despite the title being 'Lonely Boy' the song actually tells the familiar story of a girl who decides to break it off with an unsuitable partner.

The song was originally expected to have more of an RnB and soul vibe, but Kéa is still very proud of the song that emerged.

When asked about her future plans, Kéa is very firm that she does not want to be a "one song girl."

"We have big plans with our team and are already recording another song," she said.

Kéa is an admitted fan of the contest, and when asked about her favourites responds with a giggle, "I have four favourites!"

"I like the song performing before us, by Cartoon. I really love Kristel's voice. I also love Anett Kulbin, Mick Pedaja and Jüri Pootsmann's songs."

For Kéa, participation in Eesti Laul is more about the experience of it all and as such she doesn't have too high expectations.

"I'm not dreaming a lot, but I would really really like to perform in the final at the Saku Suurhall," she said.

Kéa will perform in the first semi-final on Saturday 13 February.

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